Unlike Mike Flood, I will put Nebraska first. Instead of following orders from party bosses, I will focus on our district – keeping taxes low, growing our small businesses, and strengthening our national security.

Health Care Access For All

The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call for many of us: We must make full-spectrum, high-quality health care accessible to all Nebraskans. I’m working to get us all covered, protect the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, lower prescription drug prices, strengthen rural hospitals and invest in rural access to specialist care. We also must guarantee family medical leave and stand up to predatory corporations that value profits over people.

Growing Economic Opportunity

Nebraskans work hard for our families and our futures. Right now, too many are struggling to make ends meet. It’s time to reclaim an economy that lifts us all up with great jobs, strong safety nets and a fair tax system that demands all pay their share. From family farmers pushing back against monopolies, to union workers striking for a living wage, to small business owners struggling to compete on a level playing field, I’ll be the voice for every family in Nebraska.

Infrastructure for the People

I’ll champion legislation that delivers safer roads and bridges, better public transportation options and rural broadband to all of our communities. But infrastructure isn’t just building bridges and roads — it’s about bridging the divides that prevent us from moving forward, and building roads into a brighter day ahead. I’ll invest in green energy and the green jobs that come with it, research and technology that make Nebraska an exciting place to live and work, and strong public schools that produce our next generation of problem solvers.

A Wider Circle of Compassion

No matter where we’re from, the color of our skin, whom we love, or how we choose to shape our futures, Nebraska is stronger when we make everyone welcome at the table. I will defend the right to control our own health care and reproductive decisions, strengthen protections for the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace and at school, reform our criminal justice system, protect the rights of our vital and growing minority populations, including our Dreamers, safeguard our right to vote and put in the time to make Nebraska a safe place for all of us to live, work, and thrive.


The success of America depends on industry, and in Congress I will work to create jobs and help our district grow. As the co-founder and owner of a small law firm for more than 35 years, I have been privileged to bring new jobs and economic growth to Nebraska by representing a wide array of businesses. From small start-ups to multinational enterprises, I have supported fabulous business owners and made sure each entity feels excited about investing in our state.

Reproductive Freedom

My opponent has voted against protecting access to birth control, against allowing abortions in instances of rape and incest, and against allowing women to travel out of state to access reproductive health care services. He also voted to arrest doctors for practicing as trained. I believe Nebraskans should have the freedom to make their own decisions regarding reproductive health and not be subject to government mandates.

Border Security & Immigration

It is beyond time for Congress to come together and pass comprehensive immigration reform to reduce the backlog in the courts, provide Dreamers a seamless pathway to citizenship, and better secure our borders. I support common sense solutions such as increasing the number of immigration judges and continuing to fund our Alternatives to Detention Program.

Medical Marijuana

Nebraskans suffering from chronic pain and seizures should have access to medicine that helps them live their lives to the fullest. This is why I support medical marijuana. By contrast, my opponent voted against allowing the DEA to even research the medicinal benefits of marijuana.


America needs a strong military to protect our freedom and our national interests. Our collective challenge is to have the best recruits and highest retention rates, especially here in our district. We can achieve these goals through quality housing and health care, fair compensation, and by providing our service members with everything they need to support their families, their careers, and their respective missions.

National Security

I am so grateful to have been able to attend the opening of Offutt Air Force Base’s new 55th Wing Runway. STRATCOM plays a vital role in our nation’s preparedness and deterrence, and I stand behind the service members in our district who play critical roles in deterring conflict and underwriting military operations around the world. As other countries increase their offensive military capabilities, I will continue to support our nation’s security, while working hand in glove with our closest allies.

Veterans Affairs

As defenders of our nation, our veterans deserve quality health care and access to jobs after their active duty. In the Legislature, I voted to lower taxes on veterans retirement income and introduced a bill creating a veterans program coordinator position and the www.veterans.nebraska.gov website. These initiatives continue to connect veterans to Nebraska’s job market and workforce development programs. In Congress, I will continue to work with our veterans to provide them the healthcare they need, including mental health services, and guarantee workforce development opportunities are available when they return to civilian life.

Rural Affairs

Rural Nebraskans need better funding for broadband, roads, bridges, parks, airports, hospitals, and affordable housing. Nearly 50% of our state’s bridges are in need of repair or are structurally deficient! Shrinking populations are also a major concern of mine. I will work across political divides to make certain our rural communities have the financial support and the services they need to keep and attract people. 


Nebraska’s agricultural sector is the driving force of our economy. This year, I co-sponsored LB 925 (The Resilient Soils and Water Quality Initiative) with Sen. Tim Gragert. This new law compensates farmers who protect valuable topsoil, so that our farmland can continue to grow crops and support future generations. As your Representative, I will continue to work with farmers and ranchers around our district to make sure our small family farms thrive.

Energy & Environment

We must reduce our energy dependence on foreign countries. I support diversifying our energy sources at home. Diversity generates power. While there is no silver bullet, I believe in incentives for ethanol, solar and wind production here in Nebraska, as well as carbon sequestration initiatives. With plenty of sun, wind and corn, funding energy independence will mean cheaper gas and utility bills for families and increased jobs for our rural communities. Our energy initiatives must keep our precious water resources safe as well. Nebraska producers can and must fuel the world, as well as feed it.

Health Care

Access to health care is a basic right for all Americans. I will vote to bring down prescription drug costs and set a cap on insulin prices. I will also work to expand Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Unlike my opponent, who voted against lowering ACA health premiums for millions of Americans and against setting a cap of $35 on insulin, I believe no American should go bankrupt receiving the healthcare they need. In addition, the government should not be forcing healthcare mandates on our people. Reproductive healthcare decisions should be between the doctor and patient and not the government. 

Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are tremendously successful programs with broad support. I will protect these benefits and fight any efforts to privatize or cut them. Promises to our seniors must be kept. I will also make sure we continue to expand Medicaid services into our rural communities and rural hospitals.

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

We must guarantee law enforcement officers have the tools and training to keep our communities safe. We must also increase funds to make mental health services that are affordable and accessible. While serving in the Legislature I sponsored a study to establish a Mental Health Suicide prevention number in Nebraska, 988. I also support establishing Amber Alert procedures for responding and warning about active shooters in our community and funding training and dispatch for mental health professionals in police departments, two issues my opponent has voted against.

The 2nd Amendment

Growing up around family members who enjoy hunting, I respect the 2nd Amendment and the desire of Nebraskans to hunt and protect themselves. As the late Justice Antonin Scalia stated, I also believe the 2nd amendment does not guarantee every gun, in every place at every time. Certain common sense restrictions are necessary to protect our schools, places of worship, hospitals and communities.

Education & Student Loans

I have been a proponent of public education all my life. I believe we must continue to improve our public schools by increasing teacher salaries, and we must work hard to keep good teachers in Nebraska.

I support caps on student loan interest rates, funding for apprenticeship programs and community colleges, and in limited circumstances the forgiveness of student loans, especially in response to the loan struggles arising during the pandemic. By investing in our public education system and our struggling students, we can grow our local economies and help Nebraska businesses find the right workers. 

Our Economy

Making sure Nebraskans are thriving is my top priority. Through fiscal responsibility and smart spending we can grow our local economies. Today, more and more Americans are struggling and living paycheck to paycheck. To make everyday expenses like gas and groceries more affordable, I will work to raise wages and ensure that predatory businesses are not taking advantage of our workers.


Our economy is still recovering from a pandemic that put millions of Americans out of work. Russian aggression is also disrupting oil prices and increasing global transportation and food costs. We can stabilize our economy by diversifying our fuel sources to avoid high gas prices, by supporting our truckers and freight handling industries to ensure we do not face supply chain shortages and by keeping taxes low for Americans who are struggling.

Protecting Our Vote

I believe that no American should be denied the right to vote or have to worry their vote will not be counted. I am dedicated to protecting the integrity of elections from abuses of power, encouraging and supporting voting by mail, and discouraging measures that block citizens’ access to the polls. Discriminatory barriers like Voter ID should be eliminated. We need to expand voting access for all Americans.